Security Risk Management

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Our security risk management methodology is founded on international best practice standards.

How do we help?

We start by gaining a detailed understanding of your organisation, its structure, critical assets, culture and approach to risk.

NYA24 and our expert local teams provide a clear picture of the prevalent threats from insiders and/or outsiders. This intelligence-led approach ensures you gain a comprehensive and accurate understanding of any adversaries you need to protect against.

The next step is to identify and quantify vulnerabilities. We look in detail at the effectiveness of the security system protecting your assets, examining it for any weaknesses that an adversary could exploit. This may involve reviewing a physical site, digital security systems, travel processes or an individual’s routine.

What would be the impact of a loss event occurring? Having determined the potential for something to go wrong, we help you analyse what the consequences would be to your business objectives if it did. From this, you can identify risks.

You can then decide which risks are outside your risk tolerance and therefore need to be addressed. This aligns to any wider enterprise risk management process and enables clear reporting to senior management.

The next stage is the development of an actionable plan that specifies additional controls that need to be implemented, who is responsible for them, what the deadlines are and what resources are required.

As your organisation and its operating environment evolve, we work alongside you to ensure that your security risk management process remains current, fit for purpose and financially sound.

Case Study

An organisation with global operations and a high-profile brand, working in multiple countries including several complex environments. The organisation’s approach to security was ad-hoc, with no centralised policy or application of consistent global standards. An incident in one of the organisation’s higher-risk locations was causing significant concern amongst expatriate workers and had alerted the Board to security risks.

Our approach

  • Following our methodology, we scoped the organisation’s structure, risk appetite and critical in-country assets
  • NYA24 and local experts provided an in-depth understanding of the current and likely future threats, as well as the organisation’s vulnerability based on detailed site surveys
  • Our risk assessment enabled prioritisation of risk treatment options, designed to reduce risks to an acceptable level and alleviate local concerns
  • We supported the implementation and ongoing monitoring of risk mitigation measures including the provision of embedded, in-country security managers


  • A security risk register aligned to the organisation’s wider enterprise risk management framework
  • A centralised security risk management policy and plan as well as guidance on incident and crisis management planning
  • A demonstrable reduction in operating risks with a quantifiable return on investment (ROI) which satisfied the Board
  • A clear Best Practice security risk management process which could be replicated across the organisation’s global operations

Where do we help?

Risk Assessment

– Corporate Reviews

– Threat Assessments

– Site Surveys

– Risk Assessment / Treatment

Information and Intelligence

Policy and Documentation

– Security Risk Management Policies

– Security Management Plans

– Site and Security Staff SOPs

– Emergency Management Plans

Travel Risk Management

– Travel Risk Management Review

– Programme Development

– Traveller Security Reports

– First Line Response

– Tracking

– Ground Services


– Personal Security Awareness Training

– Hostile Environment Awareness Training

– Security Management Training

– Incident Management Training / Simulated Incidents

– eLearning

Embedded Advisors

– Strategic Level

– Regional Management Level

– Site / Ground Level

Due Diligence

Expert Witness

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We attract and develop the highest-calibre of specialists. Our team has wide experience of the evolving challenges faced by every industry sector around the world.

We are a global team that provides a local service. With extensive resources on the ground around the world, we understand your culture and speak your language.

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