Crisis Response


A crisis is by definition, a loss of control. Our crisis response consultants provide you with practical advice, options and scenario planning based on tried and tested procedures. Our primary objective is always the successful resolution of the crisis, to put you back in control.


Over 12 months we carefully select and train our crisis response consultants from a variety of backgrounds including the military, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and commercial security sector.

You can be certain that the team we deploy to help you is of the highest quality and working to best practice standards.

What we do

NYA has responded to 80-100 cases each year since 1990, so our experience of incident types is broad. Regardless of the type of incident, the operating environment or complexity, we are committed to advising and supporting you through to resolution – anywhere in the world.

Crisis Communications
Incident Management Advice
Law Enforcement Liaison
Media Monitoring
Family and Stakeholder Liaison
Trauma Stress Management
Product Recall
24/7 Support
Physical Security Support
Cyber Incident Response
Act of Terrorism
Hostage Crisis
Civil Commotion
Cyber Extortion
Emergency Repatriation
Employee Dishonesty
Product Tamper
Radicalisation of Workforce
And more

How do we help?

Our four stage process

Incident Prevention

A robust Crisis Management capability will help protect you, reduce the impact of adverse events, protect your people, aid recovery, support business continuity, and limit damage to your brand and reputation. You can find out more about how we can help here

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Industries and Regions

Collectively the NYA team has worked for virtually every industry sector and in all regions of the world where security problems are prevalent.

NYA24, our multinational and multilingual analyst team comprises geopolitical specialists, former military personnel and emergency services operators. The team utilises a range of open and privileged sources, including our extensive global network, to provide the most timely and accurate assessment of threats and incidents.

We support your business with one of the largest specialist teams in the industry.

Industries Regions

Typical Response Cases